Dictionary of Key Spiritual Terms

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See also godliness
  1. chos pa/ 

    [lit. religion + person]

    Biblical: devout person mi drang po dang /,,chos pa/  a righteous and devout man (Lk. 2:25), bka' khrims bzhin du chos pa/  a devout observer of the law (Acts 22:12).

    Buddhist: A chos pa/  is someone who practices a given religion, not necessarily one who is devout 'dzam gling zhi bde'i don la sems khur ldan pa'i chos pa tsho/  religious practitioners who are concerned with world peace (DLP 21), snang ba de ltar chos pa'i gzugs brnyan bdag I myself am just the semblance of a dharma practitioner (HTE 170), bya lugs byed lugs ldan pa'i pha rgan tsho/,,'dod pa can gyi chos pa brgya las lhag cultured and elderly fathers are better than a hundred selfish monks (KPU 9), sangs rgyas chos pa mang po/  large numbers of Buddhists (SLR 15), chos pa'i gzugs kyis chos min byed srid pa/  possible to do unreligious deeds while having the form of a religious practitioner (GSL 26).

  2. chos sems can/ 

    [lit. religious mind having]

    Biblical: a devout person dmag mi'i nang nas chos sems can/  a devout soldier [from among other soldiers] (Acts 10:7), ya hu da pa dang /,,de'i slob gsar chos sems can mang po/  many of the Jews and devout converts to Judaism (Acts 13:43).

    Buddhist: sku ngo gzim 'gag chos sems chen po rang yin pa bsam gyi yod/  we thought the bodyguard was very devout (DPD).

  3. chos la dga'/ 

    [lit. religion + love]

    Biblical: devout: chos la dga' zhing khyim tshang dang bcas pa dkon mchog la 'jigs/  he and all his family were devout and God-fearing (Acts 10:2), de ni chos la dga' zhing drang po yin/  he was a devout and righteous man (Luke 2:25 SV), bka' khrims bzhin du chos la dga'/  a devout observer of the law (Acts 22:12 SV).

  4. mos pa/ 

    Biblical: trust, devotion, belief, faith: dmag mi rnams las chos la dad mos yod pa zhig a devout soldier (Acts 10:7 SV).

    Buddhist: See belief.