Dictionary of Key Spiritual Terms

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See also believer
  1. nye gnas/ 

    Biblical: 1) one of Jesus' original followers: nye gnas kyi nang nas ye shu'i thugs su byon pa/  among the disciples, the one whom Jesus loved (Jn. 13:23); 2) other NT Christians: ti mo the'u bya ba'i nye gnas shig a disciple named Timothy (Acts 16:1), a nan ya bya ba'i nye gnas shig a disciple named Ananias (Acts 9:10), ye shu'i nye gnas yin pa'i a ri ma tha ya pa yo seb/  Jesus' disciple Joseph of Arimathea (Jn. 19:38); 3) those who truly follow Jesus: rang gi rkyang shing 'khur zhing nga'i rjes su mi 'brang mkhan de/,,nga'i nye gnas min/  anyone who does not carry his cross and follow me cannot be my disciple (Lk. 14:27).

    Secular: a neighbor, person living nearby. According to (AMD) not used in spoken language; occasionally used to mean follower or disciple.

    Cognates: 1) nye gnas ma/  female disciple ta bi tha zer ba'i nye gnas ma zhig yod/  in Joppa there was a disciple named Tabitha (Acts 9:36); 2) nye ba'i sras chen brgyad/  the eight close disciples of the Buddha (TRI 95).

  2. slob ma/ 

    Biblical: religious student, disciple: ye shu'i slob ma a ri ma tha pa yo seb/  Jesus' disciple Joseph of Arimathea (Mt. 27:57), nga tsho mo she'i slob ma yin/  we are Moses' disciples (Jn. 9:28), yo ha nan gyi slob ma rnams/  John's disciples (Mt. 9:14), pha ru shi pa'i slob ma/  disciples of the Pharisees (Lk. 5:33).

    Buddhist: 1) slob ma/  is the ordinary Bst. term for a disciple: skal ldan gyi slob ma 'ga' zhig la gsang sngags kyi chos gsungs/  [they] taught tantra to various fortunate disciples (TRC 136), sangs rgyas kyis rang gi slob ma rnams der 'khrid pa/  the Buddha took his disciples there (SGN 14), slob ma'i bya ba lnga/  the five duties of a Bst. disciple (TRI 290); 2) follower, believer in a religion rjes 'brangs slob ma rnams mi bzang po zhig tu sgyur rgyu'i nus pa/  able to make their followers into better human beings (DLP 18); 3) student: da lta slob grwa der dge rgan dang slob ma 500 lhag tsam yod pa/  there are now more than 500 lecturers and students in the college (TMB 24), slob ma la las gzhan gyi las bya bshus pa/  some students copy others' work (TCR 1).