Dictionary of Key Spiritual Terms

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See also believe, faith
  1. dad pa/ 

    Biblical: the state of believing or trusting in, faith: bden pa nyid la dad/  belief in the truth (2 Thes. 2:13).

    Cognates: 1) mi dad pa'i sems/  unbelief: nga'i mi dad pa'i sems la skyabs mdzod cig help my unbelief (Mk. 9:24), ngas dad pa med par mi shes bzhin du/  acted in unbelief and ignorance (1 Tim. 1:13 SV); 2) dad pa log pa/  perverse faith or unbelief: tshod lta'i dus su dad pa log pa rnams yin no/  in the time of testing they are faithless (Lk. 8:13), dad pa log 'jug pa/  to enter into unbelief or sin (Mt. 18:6).

  2. mos pa/ 

    Biblical: faith, belief, trust: dkon mchog la mos pa'i sems/  a mind that trusts in God; godly (1 Tim. 6:3 SV).

    Buddhist: 1) mos pa/  or belief is one of the fifty one factors making up mental consciousness (KBT 14); 2) a wish or mental inclination: mos pa sna tshogs mkhyen pa'i stobs/  power of knowing various mental inclinations (KBT 76), rang gi mos pa mang ba'i rgyu/  because of my many wishes (UCO 150); 3) esteem or trust: 'dul ba la mos pa/  esteem for the Vinaya scriptures (TRC 152), dad mos/  devotion; 4) generated or believed in by the mind: rang gi yid ngor mos pa'i dmigs rten/  a meditative object that is mentally imagined (TRC 199); 5) religion, faith: mos pa 'dra min sna tshogs/  various faiths or religions (DLP 20).