Dictionary of Key Spiritual Terms

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See also believe, trust
  1. རྟེན་​པ།

    [lit. རྟེན། = the object on which something relies]

    Biblical: keep, hold, adhere to; used figuratively to mean rely on: བཀའ་​ཁྲིམས་​ལ་​བརྟེན་​ཏེ། relying on the law (Rom. 2:17).

  2. བློ་​གཏོད།

    p. བློ་​བཏད། [var. བློ་​གཏད།] [lit. mind + entrust]

    Biblical: rely on: རང་​ལ་​བློ་​མི་​གཏོད་​པར། not relying on ourselves (2 Cor. 1:9).

    Secular: 1) complete trust: གྲོགས་​པོ་​དེ་​ལ་​བློ་​གཏད་​པར་​འོས། it is suitable to trust a friend (KTM); 2) to be completely given over to something རང་​གི་​ལས་​འགན་​ལ་​བློ་​གཏད་​པ། to be given over completely to one's responsibilities (KTM).