Dictionary of Key Spiritual Terms

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See also justification, save
  1. ཐར་​བ།

    Biblical: to be justified, absolved from sin, liberated, released, or set free: སྣོད་​བཅུད་​ཀྱང་​མི་​རྟག་​པའི་​དབང་​ལས་​ཐར་​ཏེ། liberated from its bondage to decay (Rom. 8:21), ཁྱོ་​ཤི་​ན་​ཁྲིམས་​ལས་​ཐར་​བས། if her husband dies, [she] is released from the law (Rom. 7:3).

    Buddhist: see justify, save.

  2. སྒྲོལ།

    p. བསྒྲལ། [save, deliver from] deliverance, rescue, freedom (from)

    Biblical: བཀོད་​པ་​ཐམས་​ཅད་​ཀྱང་​མི་​རྟག་​པ་​དེ་​ལས་​བསྒྲལ་​ནས། the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay (Rom. 8:21 SV).

    Buddhist: see save.