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  1. དད་​པ།

    Biblical: trust or belief, especially in a supernatural object; religious faith. In its Christian sense it implies complete trust in and reliance upon God: དད་​པ་​ནི་​རེ་​བ་​བྱས་​པའི་​དངོས་​པོ་​རྣམས་​ལ་​བློ་​གདེང་​། faith is being sure of what we hope for (Heb. 11:1), རི་​སྤོ་​ནུས་​པའི་​དད་​པ། faith that is able to move mountains (1 Cor. 13:2), དད་​པའི་​བཀའ། the word of faith (Rom. 10:8), དད་​པ། རེ་​བ། བྱམས་​པ། faith, hope, and love (1 Cor. 13:13), དྲང་​པོ་​དད་​པས་​འཚོ་​བར་​འགྱུར། the righteous will live by faith (Rom. 1:17), ང་​ཚོ་​དད་​པའི་​སྒོ་​ནས་​ཐར། we are saved by faith (Rom. 5:1), ཁྱོད་​ཀྱི་​དད་​པས་​ཁྱོད་​ཐར་​བ་​ཡིན། your faith has saved you (Mk. 10:52), ཡེ་​ཤུ་​ལ་​དད་​མཁན། those who have faith in Jesus (Rom. 3:26), དད་​པའི་​སྒོ་​ནས་​ས་​ར་​ཡིས་​ཞལ་​ཆད་​མཛད་​མཁན་​བསླུ་​མེད་​ལགས་​པར་​ཡིད་​ཆེས་​པས། by faith Sarah believed him who had made the promise (Heb. 11:11).

    Buddhist: དད་​པ། implies: 1) belief in the basic Bst. doctrines such as the four truths and the 8-fold path; 2) belief in one's spiritual teacher. Faith is taught to be the root of all spiritual achievement (JPG 106) and its absence མ་​དད་​པ། is counted as an affliction. Four types of faith are distinguished in the Bst. scriptures: 1) ཡིད་​ཆེས་​པའི་​དད་​པ། or "convinced faith" is the fruit of rational analysis of a proposition. An individual with this kind of faith is one who has examined the truth of a proposition (normally karma or the four noble truths) and is convinced of its truth (KTM), or one who has seen the good qualities of his spiritual teacher and become convinced that the teacher is a Buddha (JPG 107); 2) དང་​བའི་​དད་​པ། or "pure faith" is a fully trusting, naive, contented, childlike faith (KTM); 3) མངོན་​འདོད་​ཀྱི་​དད་​པ། or "longing faith" is a faith which sees good qualities in another and wants to emulate them (JPG 107); 4) ཕྱིར་​མི་​ལྡོག་​པའི་​དད་​པ། or "irreversible faith" is a final, convinced, experienced faith which is beyond doubt and the ultimate goal of the Bst (KTM). Faith is not spontaneous, but must be cultivated (JPG 196). Examples of faith include: རྒྱལ་​པོ་​དེ་​སངས་​རྒྱས་​ལ་​དད་​པ་​ཆེན་​པོ་​སྐྱེས། the king had great faith in the Buddha (SGN 14), སངས་​རྒྱས་​ལ་​དད་​པ་​སྐྱེས་​ནས་​སྐྱབས་​སུ་​བཟུང་​། he had faith in the Buddha and took refuge (SGN 18), ངའི་​དད་​པ་​རྟེན་​པོ་​མེད་​པས། because my faith was not firm (DPD), དད་​པའི་​ཡུལ། an object of faith (TRC 199).

    Cognates: 1) དད་​པ་​ལོག་​པ། perverse faith or unbelief: མང་​པོ་​དད་​པ་​ལོག་​པར་​འགྱུར། many will turn away from the faith (Mt. 24:10); 2) དད་​མེད། lack of faith: དེ་​རྣམས་​ཀྱི་​དད་​མེད་​ལ་​ངོ་​མཚར་​འཁྲུངས་​སོ། he was amazed at their lack of faith (Mk. 6:6); 3) རྨོངས་​དད། [lit. ignorance + faith] superstition: བཀས་​བཀོད་​རྒྱུད་​འཛིན་​རྨོངས་​དད། feudal superstition.

  2. ཡིད་​ཆེས།

    Biblical: trust, reliance, or confidence; often but not always of a lower or more general type than the trusting, devotional faith implied by དད་​པ། : ཁྱེད་​ཀྱི་​ཡིད་​ཆེས་​བཞིན་​དུ་​གྱུར་​ཅིག according to your faith will it be done to you (Mt. 9:29), དེ་​རྣམས་​ཀྱི་​ཡིད་​ཆེས་​ལ་​གཟིགས་​ནས། when Jesus saw their faith (Lk. 5:20), ང་​ཚོར་​དཀོན་​མཆོག་​གིས་​བྱམས་​པ་​ཤེས་​ཤིང་​ཡིད་​ཆེས་​སོ། we know and rely on the love God has for us (1 Jn. 4:16), གཏམ་​བདེན་​ཞིང་​ཡིད་​ཆེས་​འོས་​པའོ། a [true and] trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance (1 Tim. 4:9).

    Buddhist: ཡིད་​ཆེས། is trust, confidence, or faith འཇིགས་​པ་​ལས་​སྐྱོབ་​པའི་​ནུས་​པ་​ཡོད་​པར་​ཡིད་​ཆེས་​ཏེ། to have faith that [དཀོན་​མཆོག] has the power to save from fear (TRC 73), ཡིད་​ཆེས་​བརྟན་​པོས་​རེ་​བ་​ཤུགས་​ཆེན་​པོ་​བྱེད་​པ། to hope with strong, firm faith (REF 114), ཡིད་​ཆེས་​ལ་​སོགས་​པ་​རྒྱ་​ཆེན་​པོ་​བསྐྱེད་​དགོས། one ought to develop great confidence (TRC 164), ཡིད་​ཆེས་​འོས་​པ། that which is trustworthy or can be believed (AMD).

    Secular: ཁྱོད་​ཀྱི་​ནད་​དེ་​དྲག་​པ་​ཡིད་​ཆེས་​ཡོད་​དམ། do you believe [lit. have faith] that your illness will get better? (DPD), ཡུན་​རིང་​མི་​དགོས་​པར་​ལྷ་​ས་​གྲོང་​ཁྱེར་​གྱི་​རྣམ་​པ་​ཤིན་​ཏུ་​མཛེས་​སྡུག་​ལྡན་​པ་​ཞིག་​ཏུ་​འགྱུར་​ཐུབ་​པ་​ང་​ལ་​ཡིད་​ཆེས་​ཡོད། I believe [lit. have faith] that the appearance of Lhasa City will be very beautiful in the near future (SLR 15).