Dictionary of Key Spiritual Terms

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See also compassion, kindness, love
  1. snying rje/ 

    [hon. thugs rje/ ]

    Biblical: compassion, mercy, or love: thugs rje dang snying rje dang zhi bde/  grace, mercy, and peace (1 Tim. 1:2), snying rje med par/  without mercy (Heb. 10:28), snying rje can rnams bde'o/  blessed are the merciful (Mt. 5:7), nga ni snying rjer dga'/  I desire mercy (Mt. 9:13), thugs rje'i sgo nas/  through God's mercy (2 Cor. 4:1).

    Buddhist: see compassion.

    Cognates: 1) snying rje mdzad/  [lit. mercy + do] have mercy on nged la snying rje mdzod cig have mercy on us (Mt. 9:27), snying rje mdzad pa'i dkon mchog God, who has mercy (Rom. 9:16), des snying rje byed mkhan/  the one who had mercy on him (Lk. 10:37); 2) snying rje gzigs/  [lit. mercy + hon. see] have mercy on: kye dkon mchog,,/nga sdig can la snying rje gzigs shig God, have mercy on me, a sinner (Lk. 18:13), kho'i khyim la gtso bos thugs rje gzigs shig may the Lord show mercy to [his] household (2 Tim. 1:16).

  2. brtse/ 

    p. brtses/  [hon. thugs brtse/ ]

    Biblical: to have mercy on, show love to: ngas thugs brtse dgongs pa de la thugs brtse bya/  I will have mercy on whom I have mercy (Rom. 9:15), nged la thugs brtse bar dgongs/  have mercy on us (Mt. 20:30), brtse bar gzigs pa shod/  tell how [God] has had mercy on you (Mk. 5:19), khong ni ha cang thugs brtse chen po yin no/  [the Lord's] mercy is very great (2 Sam. 24:14 NTV).

    Buddhist: see compassion.