Dictionary of Key Spiritual Terms

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See also compassion, mercy
  1. snying rje/ 

    [hon. thugs rje/ ]

    Biblical: 1) God's kindness, mercy, or compassion: khong gi thugs rje dang /,,thugs bzod dang /  [God's] kindness and patience (Rom. 2:4), consider therefore the kindness and sternness of God (Rom. 11:22), dkon mchog gi thugs rje dang byams thugs/  the kindness and love of God (Tit. 3:4); 2) human kindness: yu li 'us pa'u lu la thugs rjes bskyangs nas/  Julius, in kindness to Paul (Acts 27:3), thugs nyid kyi 'bras bu ni/,,snying rje dang /,,bzang po/  the fruit of the Spirit is . . kindness and goodness . . (Gal. 5:22).

    Buddhist: One who thugs rje/  thinks of the benefit and well being of infinite sentient beings (KTM). see compassion.

  2. drin/ 

    [hon. bka' drin/ ]

    Biblical: kindness: khong gis bka' drin mdzad/  he has shown kindness (Acts 14:17), ma shi ka ye shu'i sgo nas nga tsho la bka' drin mdzad pa/  his kindness to us in Christ (Eph. 2:7), snying rje dang /,,bka' drin dang /,,dman sems dang /  compassion, kindness, humility (Col. 3:12), drin dang /,,dman sa bzung ba'i sems/  kindness and humility (Col. 3:12 SV).

    Buddhist: Kindness is a major theme in Bst. doctrine, and a common subject for meditation. In one such meditation mar shes dang /,,drin dran/,,drin gzo gsum/  one meditates on another being's having been one's mother in previous births, remembers her kindnesses, and wishes to repay those kindnesses in order to generate boddhicitta, the mind of enlightenment (TRC 321). The Buddhas show bka' drin che/  when they give refuge to beings caught in the cycle of rebirth (KTM). drin dran/  mindfulness of kindnesses (TRC 319), drin gzo/  repayment of kindnesses (TRC 321), gzhan gyi bka' drin la brten dgos pa/  to be dependent on the kindnesses of others (DLP 15), kun la bka' drin che bar bsgom/  to meditate on the great kindnesses of others (UCO 148).