Dictionary of Key Spiritual Terms

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See also offering
  1. sbyin pa/ 

    [hon. gnang sbyin/ ]

    Biblical: gift given by a higher person to a lower; charity, alms: khyod kyi smon lam dang sbyin pa rnams/  your prayers and gifts (Acts 10:4), gnang sbyin du dam pa'i thugs nyid thob par 'gyur ro/  you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38), dkon mchog gi gnang sbyin/  the gift of God (Rom. 6:23), gso byed kyi gnang sbyin/  the gift of healing (1 Cor. 12:9), gnang sbyin mtho ba rnams la snyegs shig eagerly desire the higher gifts (1 Cor. 12:31).

    Buddhist: The giving of one's possessions to others, being the antithesis of desire, has a very high place among Bst. virtues. Four types of gift sbyin pa rnam pa bzhi/  are usually distinguished: 1) zang zing /  the gift of material help, 2) chos/  the gift of Bst. doctrine, 3) mi 'jigs/  the gift of freedom from fear, given by saving another from any undesirable state, and 4) byams pa/  the gift of love (CNG 41 & TRC 345). The ultimate degree of these is called sbyin pa'i pha rol tu phyin pa/  the perfection of generosity (KBT 65); and it is said: sbyin pa gtong ba rgyal sras lag len yin/  generosity is the practice of the sons of the Buddha (GSL 22).

    Cognates: 1) sbyin gtong /  donation (TRC 217), 2) sbyin bdag patron, master, boss (DPD).

  2. 'bul ba/ 

    Biblical: a gift from a lower to a higher person: rdo rin chen dang 'bul ba rnams/  precious stones and gifts dedicated to God (Lk. 21:5), dkor mdzod du 'bul ba 'jog pa/  putting gifts into the [temple] treasury (Lk. 21:1).

    Buddhist: 'bul ba/  are gifts usually given to lamas or officials: dpon po phal cher ngo bstod la dga'/,,bla ma phal cher 'bul ba la dga'/,,byis pa phal cher rtsed mo la dga'/  masters usually like flattery, lamas usually like offerings, and common people usually like entertainment (KTM).

    Cognates: zhal 'debs 'bul ba/  to make a donation or offering: la las dngul gyi zhal 'debs 'bul ba/  some made offerings of money (SLR 15).

  3. mchod pa/ 

    Biblical: an offering, a gift given to God: mchod khri'i khar mchod pa 'bul ba'i dus su/  when you are offering your gift on the altar (Mt. 5:23), mo shes bka' gnang ba'i mchod pa/  the gift that Moses commanded (Mt. 8:4), sbyin pa ster ba dang /,,mchod pa phul du 'ongs pas/  came to give gifts for the poor and present offerings (Acts 24:17), mchod pa dang sdig bshags kyi dmar mchod phul/  to present gifts and sacrifices (Heb. 5:1).

    Buddhist: See offering.

    Cognates: 1) mchod 'bul/  [offering + gift] gifts and sacrifices mchod 'bul dang dmar mchod 'bul ba'i phyir/  to offer both gifts and sacrifices (Heb. 8:3), mchod 'bul dang dmar mchod 'bul/  gifts and sacrifices (Heb. 9:9); 2) mchod sbyin/  offerings sems can bsad pa'i sha khrag gis mchod sbyin/  offerings of the flesh of slain animals (TRC 96).

  4. gsol ras/ 


    Biblical: a gift from a person of high rank to one of lower position: las byed pa'i mi'i gla ni gsol ras su mi rtsi/  the worker's wages are not reckoned as a gift (Rom. 4:4), ngas gsol ras mi 'tshol/  I am not looking for a gift (Phil. 4:17).