Dictionary of Key Spiritual Terms

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  1. rgyal ba/ 

    Biblical: to conquer, overcome, be victorious: 'di thams cad nang nga tshor byams par mdzad po'i mthus rab tu rgyal lo/  in all these things, in the power of the one who loves us, we conquer (Rom. 8:37).

    Buddhist: sems mchog rgyal ba/  the Buddhas (HTE 182), tshang ma las rgyal ba/  [the Buddha] was victorious over them all (SGN 5).

    Cognates: rgyal ba rin po che/  "precious conqueror"; title of the Dalai Lama.

  2. 'joms pa/ 

    p. bcom/  or bcoms/  imp. chom/ 

    Biblical: to conquer, overcome, or destroy: 'joms par byed cing 'joms su thon no/  [he] went out conquering, and to conquer (Rev. 6:2).

    Buddhist: 1) to destroy or overcome: nad rgyu dang bcas pa rtsa ba nas 'joms par byed pa'i sman/  a powerful medicine which destroys the root of the illness and its causes (TRC 76), 'byung bzhis 'joms pa/  overcome by the four elements [i.e. corruptible] (TRC 167), me chen de 'joms pa'i thabs/  a way to extinguish the great fire (SGN 14), bum pa tho bas bcom pa/  destruction of a pot by a hammer (TRC 94); 2) in a figurative sense, overcoming the enemies of illusion, etc. which obstruct the Bst. on the path to nirvana: dgra 'joms pa'i mtshon cha/  a foe-destroying weapon (TRC 167), dgra bcom pa/  a foe-destroyer, [Skt. arhat] one who has attained nirvana according to the Hinayana theg dman/  school (CNG 77); 3) the Buddha sangs rgyas bcom ldan 'das/  is a common term for the Buddha [lit. Buddha + victorious + passed].

    Cognates: bsdus 'joms/  one of the eight hot hells (TRC 229).

  3. 'dul ba/ 

    p. btul/  or thul/  f. gdul/  imp. thul/ 

    Biblical: subdue, conquer: dad pa'i sgo nas de rnams kyis rgyal khams btul/  by faith they conquered kingdoms (Heb. 11:33).

    Buddhist: 1) to subdue or to tame: dgra mgo 'dul bar dgos rgyu'i dgos cha gnyis/  there are two reasons why you must be able to subdue your enemies (KPU 12), dgra 'dul gnyen skyong /  guarding friends and subduing enemies - of a person who lives for this present life alone (TRC 216); 2) mental training or discipline by which obstacles to spiritual progress are removed (KTM): rang sems 'dul thabs/  mental training (DLP 8); 3) the 'dul ba/  or vinaya is the set of vows that must be observed by Bst. monks and nuns, and forms one of the three principal divisions 'dul ba'i sde snod/  of the Bst. scriptures. It is a major course of study in the monasteries. The actual rules of monastic conduct are known as the 'dul krims/  .

  4. 'bangs su 'jug

    p. bcug f. gzhug imp. chug or chugs/ 

    Biblical: to put in subjection, put under one's power, subdue: de dag gis dad pa'i sgo nas rgyal khams rnams 'bangs su bcug through faith they conquered kingdoms (Heb. 11:33 SV).

    Cognates: dpon 'bangs/  aristocracy and subjects (KPU 10).