Dictionary of Key Spiritual Terms

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  1. ཁ་​ཆོས་​པ།

    [lit. mouth + religion + person]

    Biblical: hypocrite: ཁ་​ཆོས་​པ་​ཁྱོད། you hypocrite (Mt. 7:5).

  2. ཚུལ་​འཆོས་​བྱེད་​པ།

    Biblical: to be hypocritical, to make a show of religion without inward conviction: ཡང་​ཁོ་​རང་​མཉམ་​དུ་​ཡ་​ཧུ་​ད་​པ་​གཞན་​མ་​རྣམས་​ཀྱང་​ཚུལ་​འཆོས་​བྱེད་​པས། the other Jews joined him in his hypocrisy (Gal. 2:13 SV).

    Buddhist: hypocritical or earning a living by cunning, one of the ལོག་​འཚོ་​ལྔ། or five wrong ways of making a living (TRI 270).

  3. སྒྱུ་​ཟོག་​ཅན།

    [lit. deception + fraud + person]

    Biblical: a hypocrite or deceiver: སྒྱུ་​ཟོག་​ཅན་​དང་​མཉམ་​དུ་​ངུ་​འབོད་​དང་​སོ་​ཁྲིག་​པ་​ཡོད་​སར་​གཏོང་​བར་​འགྱུར། he will assign him a place with the hypocrites, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth (Mt. 24:51).