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[Gr. Gehenna, Hades]

Biblical: ལུས་​ཧྲིལ་​པོ་​དམྱལ་​བར་​དབྱུག་​པ། one's whole body to be thrown into hell (Mt. 5:29), ལུས་​སེམས་​གཉིས་​པོ་​དམྱལ་​བའི་​ནང་​ཚར་​བཅད་​ནུས་​པ་​ཁོང་​ལ་​འཇིགས་​ཤིག be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell (Mt. 10:28), དམྱལ་​བའི་​ཆད་​པ་​ལས་​ཁྱོད་​ཅི་​ལྟར་​ཐར་​འོང་​། how will you escape being condemned to hell (Mt. 23:33).

Buddhist: There are eight hot hells ཚ་​བའི་​དམྱལ་​བ་​བརྒྱད། (CNG 100), eight cold hells གྲང་​བའི་​དམྱལ་​བ་​བརྒྱད། (CNG 101), and two additional hells, the ཉེ་​འཁོར་​བ། and the ཉི་​ཚེ་​བ། making a total of eighteen. Within the hot and cold hells, the misery of each is double that of its predecessor, and the lifespan of the inhabitants of each is exceedingly long. Rebirth in དམྱལ་​བའི་​མེའི། the fires of hell (TRC 286) is a feared consequence of non-virtue: མི་​དགེ་​བའི་​ལས་​ཆེན་​པོ་​བྱས་​པས་​རྣམ་​སྨིན་​དམྱལ་​བ། through performance of a great non-virtue, maturation is birth among the denizens of hell (TRC 245). Even a moment of anger towards a boddhisattva is a cause for rebirth in hell (MTB 75). Perhaps not surprisingly, there are believed to be more beings in hell than in any of the other possible rebirths (JPG 136). There are many colorful descriptions of the miseries of hell-beings (JPG 181). For the place of the hells in Bst. cosmology, see world.

Proverbs: དགེ་​སྦྱོང་​ཉིད་​དུ་​སྤྱོད་​ཉེས་​པས། དམྱལ་​བ་​དག་​ཏོ་​ཉེ་​བར་​འདྲེན། the ascetic life, wrongly lived, leads to hell (DMP 156).