Dictionary of Key Spiritual Terms

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  1. བུ་​དོད།

    Biblical: adopted son; a term used exclusively by Paul to describe the relationship between God and the Christian: བུ་​དོད་​དུ་​འགྱུར་​ཕྱིར། to be adopted as sons (Rom. 8:23), དེ་​ཚོ་​ནི་​བུ་​དོད་​དུ་​འགྱུར་​འོས། theirs is the adoption as sons (Rom. 9:4).

    Buddhist: Anyone who takes up Mahayana Bst. practice is known as a son (or daughter) of a Buddha (JPG 391) or རྒྱལ་​སྲས། (GSL). Those who gain the thought of enlightenment or བྱང་​ཆུབ་​སེམས། may pray: "today I have been born into Buddha's family and have become Buddha's child" (MTB 98).

  2. བུ་​ཚབ།

    adopted son.