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Welcome to our website. All the resources available on this site are free for you to download and share with others.

A special welcome to you if this is your first time to this website. Here is an introduction to Jesus Christ and the Christian faith. You can read the questions other people have and also send in your own questions and have them answered.

Central Tibetan Bible (CTB) – the Bible (New Testament) has been translated into the modern literary style of Central Tibetan. Available as an APP, EPUB and PDF.

Resources to help Tibetans learn English and English speakers learn Tibetan. Online Dictionary of key words in the Bible.

Videos, audio recordings and books related to the Bible. Some materials are available in various Kham dialects.

Prayers and Songs. Get in contact with other Tibetan believers.

Tibetan Q&A App

Central Tibetan Bible (CTB)

Printed copies of the New Testament in Modern Central Tibetan are now available.

Tibetan Bible App

Read the New Testament in Central Tibetan. An English and a Chinese translation are included and can be viewed together with the Tibetan on the same screen.

Study helps include extensive footnotes, a glossary of key terms with illustrations and maps, and a number of Tibetan-Chinese bilingual commentaries:
– The Lord’s Prayer
– 10 Commandments
– Apostles’ Creed
– Questions and Answers about Christianity

Additional study helps include:
– Introduction to the New Testament
– List of Old Testament books
– Timeline

Listen to or read along with an audio recording of the entire New Testament in Central Tibetan.

You are free to share this app with your friends.

May God bless you as you read and study His word

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