Dictionary of Key Spiritual Terms

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See also teach, teaching
  1. 'chad pa/ 

    p. bshad/  imp. shod/ 

    Biblical: to preach or explain: chos ston zhing phrin bzang 'chad pa'i tshe/  when he was teaching and preaching the gospel (Lk. 20:1), ngas phyi par 'chad pa'i phrin bzang /  the gospel I preach to the Gentiles (Gal. 2:2), 'jig rten nang gang du'ang phrin bzang 'di 'chad/  wherever the gospel is preached throughout the world (Mk. 14:9), phrin bzang 'chad du mngags so/  sent me to preach the gospel (1 Cor. 1:17), ngas sngon bshad pa'i phrin bzang /  the gospel I preached (1 Cor. 15:1), ngas bshad pa yid la bzung na/  if you believe what I preached to you (1 Cor. 15:2).

    Buddhist: Bsm. is normally transmitted from teacher to student through the study of scriptural texts. There are said to be five methods of accomplishing this, the so-called bshad thabs yan lag lnga/  or "five methods of teaching": discussing its purpose, summarizing it, giving its literal meaning; studying its links with other texts; and debate and discussion of the meaning (CNG 66/TRI 276). 1) to explain: bshad tshul mang po yod/  there are many ways to explain it (TRC 96), nga tsho nang pa'i chos kyi bshad pa ltar na/  as our Bst. religion explains (DPD); 2) to teach: ngas bshad pa'i chos nyams su len pa na/  when you practice the doctrine I have taught (TRC 184); 3) to say: lo bdun yin pa bshad dgos/  you must say that you are seven years old (DPD).

    Cognates: 1) 'grel bshad/  a textual commentary (TRC 24); 2) bshad lung gnang /  transmission of a text from teacher to student by teaching and recitation (TRC 49); 3) bsdus tsam bshad/  to summarize (TRC 226); 4) rdzun bshad pa/  to tell a lie (TRC 244); 5) chos bshad/  to preach, explain religion: nga la chos bshad byung ngo /  he explained the Gospel to me (DPD), bza' nyi ma la chos bshad do/  I preached on Sunday (DPD); 6) gtam bshad/  advice: kha che pha lu'i snying gtam bshad yod/  this is Khache Phalu's heartfelt advice (KPU 10).

  2. sgrog

    p. bsgrags/  imp. sgrogs/ 

    Biblical: to proclaim, declare, preach: dkon mchog gis nga tsho ma ke don du phrin bzang sgrog tu bos pa/  God called us to preach the gospel in Macedonia (Acts 16:10), phrin bzang sgrog pa/  one who preaches the gospel (1 Cor. 9:14).

    Cognates: 1) bsgrags gtam/  declaration: byis pa 'tsho gnas dang 'tshar longs yong bar srung skyong byed pa'i bsgrags gtam/  World Declaration on the Survival, Protection and Development of Children (BFT 21); 2) dril bsgrags/  propaganda (SLR 11).