Dictionary of Key Spiritual Terms

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See also ark (of the covenant), promise
  1. kha chad/ 

    [hon. zhal chad/ ]

    Biblical: 1) testament: zhal chad rnying pa/  Old Testament, zhal chad gsar pa/  New Testament; 2) agreement or covenant 'di ni zhal chad kyi nga'i khrag yin/  this is my blood of the covenant (Mk. 14:24), zhal chad gsar pa zhig gi zhabs tog ministers of a new covenant (2 Cor. 3:6), khong ni zhal chad gsar pa zhig gi bar mi lags so/  [Christ] is the mediator of a new covenant (Heb. 9:15).

    Cognates: zhal chad kyi sgrom/  [lit. covenant's box] ark of the covenant: mchod khang gi nang na khong gi zhal chad kyi sgrom/  within the temple was the ark of his covenant (Rev. 11:19).

  2. kha chems/ 

    Biblical: a (spoken) last will and testament: mi zhig gi kha chems/  a human covenant (Gal. 3:15).