Dictionary of Key Spiritual Terms

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See also clean
  1. mi gtsang ba/ 

    [lit. not + clean]

    Biblical: unclean or impure, e.g: 1) sacrificial flesh which has been left too long: rdzas de ni mi gtsang bas/  because [the meat] is an unclean thing [KJV: abomination] (Lev. 7:18); 2) idols: am mon pa'i rdzas mi gtsang ba'i lha mo mil kom/  Milcom, the abomination [KJV] of the Ammonites (1 Ki. 11:5); 3) ceremonially unclean food: khyed kyi phyir mi gtsang ba yin/  they shall be an abomination [KJV] to you (Lev. 11:10); 4) the "abomination of desolation": stong byed kyi mi gtsang ba/  the abomination that makes desolate (Mt. 24:15 and Mk. 13:14).

    Buddhist: dirty, filthy, vile, polluted: zos pas ci bya zos tshad mi gtsang rgyu/  what's the good of all you've eaten - it just becomes excrement (HTE 203), mi gtsang ba'i dri ma ngan pa/  a bad smell of uncleanliness (TCR 270), mi gtsang ba la gtsang bar 'dzin pa/  apprehending the unclean as clean (TCR 284), khor yug mi gtsang ba/  polluted (dirty) environment (SLR 20).

  2. zhen log

    [lit. attachment or desire + reversed]

    Biblical: loathing, disgust, aversion, revulsion: srang log la ya ho was zhen pa log gis/  a false balance is an abomination to the Lord (Prov. 11:1 NRSV), sa gzhi'i zhen log rnams kyi a ma/  mother of the abominations of the earth (Rev. 17:5), phyi pa'i zhen log gi khrims bzhin du/  according to the detestable ways of the nations (2 Kings 16:3).

  3. dri ma/ 

    Biblical: filth, impurities, defilement: sa gzhi na yod pa'i dri ma rnams kyi ma/  mother of the abominations of the earth (Rev. 17:5 SV).

    Buddhist: stain, defilement; traditionally, the six defilements dri ma drug are: dri chen/  excrement, dri chu/  urine, mig skyag (infected) matter from the eyes, rna spabs/  ear wax, mchil ma/  saliva, snabs rnams/  mucus from the nose (CNG 74).