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See also Eve, Garden of Eden, create

a dam/ 

Biblical: the first man: a dam gyis bud med kyi ming la ha wa zhes btags pa yin/  Adam named the woman Eve (Gen. 3:20).

Buddhist: The story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (Gen. 3) may be contrasted with the Tibetan account of man's origins: nga tsho nang pa'i chos kyi bshad pa ltar na/,,'dzam gling tshang ma rang bzhin gyi 'byung pa yin pa bshad do/,,nang pa'i chos ltar na spyan ras gzigs kyi sprul pa pre'u gcig mi rnams kyi pha yin pa dang /,,rje btsun sgrol ma'i sprul pa brag srin mo mi rnams kyi ma yin pa bshad do/  according to our Buddhist religion, the world arose by itself. A monkey, the emanation of the god Chenresi, was the father of all men, and a rock-demoness, the emanation of the goddess Dolma, was the mother (DPD). The supposed site of this event, near Tsethang in the Yarlung Valley, is a popular pilgrimage destination.