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See also perseverance
  1. bzod pa/ 

    [hon. thugs bzod/ ]

    Biblical: ordinary term for patience or forbearance in suffering: dad pa dang bzod pa/  faith and patience (Heb. 6:12), byams sems la bzod pa dang snying rje yod/  love is patient and kind (1 Cor. 13:4), bzod pa'i go cha gyon/  clothe yourselves with patience (Col. 3:12), thugs bzod tshad med/  [Christ's] unlimited patience (1 Tim. 1:16).

    Buddhist: Patience is said to be of three types: 1) gnod pa la ji mi snyam pa'i bzod pa/  not retaliating when harmed; 2) sdug bsngal dang len gyi bzod pa/  enduring sufferings; longsuffering; 3) chos la nges shes kyi bzod pa/  patience of enduring injury because of one's religious training (TRI 243), bzod pa'i pha rol tu phyin pa/  the perfection of patience, one of the ten perfections (KBT 65), sdug bsngal la chos shes pa'i bzod pa/  forbearance with the origin of the reality of suffering (KBT 98), sdug bsngal bzod glags med pa/  unbearable misery (TRC 270).

    Proverbs: dma' sa bzung nas gang cir bzod pa sgoms/,,don gyi rdo kha rang gi snying du zhog be humble and patient in all things, but keep your purpose in mind (KPU 22).

    Cognates: 1) bzod pa/  to endure, to bear, to resist, to be patient: phrag dog gis mi bzod pa/  because of envy he could not endure it (TRC 114), bsngal bzod mi thub pa mang po yod pa red/  many unbearable miseries (TRC 270), grogs kyis bskul ba ma bzod/  unable to resist the pleas of a friend (HTE 210); 2) bzod pa sgom/  to have an attitude of patience; to meditate on patience or forbearance: thams cad la bzod pa sgom zhig have patience with everyone (1 Thes. 5:14), bzod pa sgom dgos pa red/  one must meditate on patience (TRC 347); bzod pa bsgom pa rgyal sras lag len yin/  to meditate on patience is the practice of the sons of the Buddha (GSL 22); 3) bzod pa byed/  to exercise patience despite provocation; longsuffering (AMD): byams pas gcig gis gcig la bzod pa byed/  being patient with one another in love (Eph. 4:2), gnyis po gang byung bzod par bya/  endure both, whatever arises (UCO 150); 4) bzod par gsol/  to request pardon or forbearance with what one has done wrong (KTM); 5) bzod bsran/  tolerance or forbearance in the face of provocation (EBN); 6) bzod sems/  perseverance: sdug bsngal las bzod sems/  suffering produces perseverance (Rom. 5:3,4), dad pa la tshod lta ba'i ngang nas bzod pa'i sems skye ba/  the testing of your faith develops perseverance (Jas. 1:2,3); 7) bzod pa'i sems/  perseverance: sdug bsngal nas bzod pa'i sems 'byung /  suffering produces perseverance (Rom. 5:3 SV).

  2. ngang ring ba/ 

    Biblical: long suffering, patience: gtsang ma dang /,,shes rab dang /,,ngang ring ba/  purity, understanding, and patience (2 Cor. 6:6), ngang ring ba dang bslab bya'i sgo nas/  with great patience and careful instruction (2 Tim. 4:2).

    Buddhist: a disposition which is tranquil or tolerant (KTM), kho la nor 'khrul byung dus ngas ngang ring gis rogs ram byas pa yin/  when he had erred much, I helped him patiently (KTM).

  3. thugs sna ring ba/ 


    Biblical: patience in the face of provocation: khong gi thugs rje dang /,,thugs bzod dang /,,thugs sna ring ba/  [God's] kindness, tolerance and patience (Rom. 2:4).

    Buddhist: sna ring ba/  is the same as ngang rgyud ring po/  or patient (TDC 1586).

    Cognates: sna ring mo mdzad/  to be patient: dkon mchog gi thugs sna ring mo mdzad/  God waited patiently (1 Pet. 3:20), khyed tsho'i don du thugs sna ring bar mdzad do/  [God] is patient with you (2 Pet. 3:9).